Thursday, October 09, 2008

Full Update Abridged

A full update on my recent activities (abridged). I've been battling a cold and losing for about a week. Last week, I was interviewed by a woman who moved from York, PA a few years ago. I hope to hear from her today or tomorrow about the job. This past weekend was lovely. It was Girls' weekend up at swanzey. It was awesome. Beautiful weather, successful shopping (a new-ish, gorgeous Vera Bradley bag for like $15) and wonderful bonding time with Matt's family. After Kirsten and I came home, we met Matt at Overlook Farm. That was pretty neat, but I was feeling lousy with sinus pressure, so I went home and fell asleep and tried to stay that way. On Tuesday I was driving along Prospect St. and got a flat tire. Matt thinks I damaged the rim riding on the flat, but I think I bumped into an awful curb when I got the flat. Last night, Matt and I went to the movies and saw Ghost Town. It was very Heart & Soul meets the Office and Tea Leoni and that British guy from the british Office- FANTASTIC! This weekend, we're going to spend some time with Erik and Tracy.
Future plans? I'm glad you asked. I think I'm going to visit Meg, Maddie, Bob and Mom sans Matt late October or early November. We may be going to Rhode Island for a Halloween party. It's killing me that I have to miss Maddie's 2nd B-day, but it's not being held on her b-day like I thought. Matt and I are going to Rich's sisters' wedding on the 15th- also in Rhode Island.

So that's the abridged version of the life of caitlin. Enjoy.


Kirsten said...

I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog so that I could get to yours. I love it. It will be like an extra special glimpse into your life (plus I'll probably know more about what my brother is doing than I ever have!) So, hows the job search going??? . . . he he he . . . .

Megymelly said...

1. Flat tires stink. Sorry to hear.

2. Party not being held on Maddie's birthday??? Her birthday is a Thursday. Think about it.

3. Yes of course you can come down to see us. 25th is cool. Details to follow. Grandmom & Pappy are coming to see us tomorrow on their way down from the Poke-Your-Nose.