Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What are YOUR strengths and weaknesses?

Today I am thinking about the following 2 days. Tomorrow I interview at a school in Natick for a part-time position as an Applied Behavior Analysis Therapist. I want this job the most but FULL TIME if I'm driving more than 30 minutes. Friday comes and I will be on my way to Connecticut to interview at a brand new school as a Residential Counselor- Full time- full and healthy benefits. IN CONNECTICUT. Oh dear. I think maybe I should wait for a third offer and then...Sigh. I can't wait for the "what are your greater strengths and weaknesses" Oh.....Boy..

That's why, in honor of Matt's upcoming boys' weekend, I've netflixed a long list of girly movies and movies that nobody but me wants to see. Stuff I've been waiting to see forever. Penelope. Princess Diaries 2. Miss Pettigrew for a Day. I'll keep you updated, cause i'm sure you're dying to know. SNOOOOZE!


Megymelly said...

No, that's it, I AM dying to know. See, you underestimate the utter ho-hum that is MY life. You give me a thrill. *WEEEEEEE!!!*Interviewing for a new job? Excitement!
What's wrong with the Connecticut job? Full benefits/full time sounds awesome to me. Bad commute?

By the way, next time you come visit we're going to show you how to put some kind of counter or blinkies or SOMETHING on here. I can't be entertained on pure content alone.

CaitRenee said...

the problem with the connecticut job was that my morning commute wouldn't take place until after dinner. The job is from like 11pm-7:30am. So not only would my health be miserable, but I'd be cut off from Matt and all the people I know and love. So yeah- that didn't seem to be the best idea to me.