Thursday, September 18, 2008

Very nice aka Wicked Good

Today was Beautiful. I've been tweeking resumes and letter of intents and calling people that don't know/like me til the cows come home. This would be fine, except they fail to butcher themselves and jump on to a grill with onions and mushrooms for me. Today i got a very very part time gig. Child-watch on Sunday mornings= free YMCA membership and a resume kicker that gets my foot in the door. I know it sounds pathetic after all the work I've put in, but HOT DIGGITY DAMN. I feel like celebrating.

On another subject, living in Gettysburg, I never felt like we were from "the South". I mean common- family vacations go to 'the South", the Hiddings are from "the South", SoCo and Sprite is from "the South" !! Not to mention Mama's Family! But living up here, I have NEVER felt more from the South than I have EVER. i even call it "the SOUTH" capitital freakin S. I just wanna set the record straight to all those lovely MA folks a'readin my blog.
1- My beautiful home in PA is ABOVE the Mason Dixon line.
2- Nobody I know is named Bubba.
3- If y'all pops out of my mouth, it's not my fault. I watch Reba.

Thank you and Goodnight.

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Megymelly said...

Rule #1: You are never again allowed to steal the haircut that I have always coveted and have never been able to pull off (judging from the picture you sent, I'd say it's a little Mary Tyler Moore with a modern flare, and I love it!).

Rule #2: Those MA people need edge-uh-ma-cated. We are not the hicks. We make fun of the hicks. Ya'll got it?

Rule #3: "Ya'll" is a perfectly useful pronoun, as the English language has no accepted plural for the pronoun "you". Ya'll got it?

Rule #4: I will check and post comments on your blog and you will check and post comments on mine, regularly. And we will both feel popular and special.