Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Beginning

And So it Begins. This is my second official day living in Massachusetts. Yesterday, I spent a frustrating day job hunting and grocery shopping. I had planned dinner, but, mercifully, Matt's parents called us over for dinner and there I met a fantastic contact, Dianna Comer. She was enthused and very helpful. Today I called some of those contacts and did more job hunting. I love it here and any nervousness or homesickness is usually balanced out with a lot of excitement. There are times-plenty of times- when I wonder at the wisdom (and possible hoochiness) of moving in with my boyfriend, but we felt a new closeness the first time we moved my boxes in and I can't imagine wanting to be someplace he's not. I also have a suspicious feeling of maturity that will hopefully come in handy. Above all, I know that this is a positive move.

My goal is to have a few interviews set up and send my resume to at least 6 employers. So that's the work front- lots of options and some wonderful contacts. I'm going to jinx myself and say that I'll have a job I want by the end of the month.

I still miss home and loved and familiar faces. I miss my mother and my friends and my job. I'm so excited.

This is going to be GREAT!!!

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Thomas said...

I miss you too but I agree, it's really exciting to be living your life.-Dad