Monday, September 15, 2008

This weekend, Matt and I went to Swanzey. Despite the few hours spent kayaking and the lovely time we had chatting with the Hillhouses, I wish we'd stayed put. Friday night should have been a good indicator of how this weekend would be. Picture me behind a GASP- big, blue pick-up truck on rainy, unfamiliar roads (driving like the bus driver from Speed and if we went faster than 50 MPH, we'd explode) and Matt sitting next to me providing 2- word directions and practically gnawing at his seat belt for a cigarette. We went from snippy to happy and back several times, but it wasn't horrendous.

All everyone seems to want to hear about is the job front- so here we go:
I spoke with a lovely lady Friday about a part time position at the Y (just what I was looking for) She was supposed to email me information shortly after, but she flaked and I am dropping by in person today. Devereaux is scheduling interviews for a position I applied for this week. I want to contact Bill Beando from Wachusett, but can I really just call the busy principal and bypass HR because he's a friend of a friend of a friend? I have to heart- to- heart that one with Mrs. M. There are several other schools in this area which have received my resume or information. This week it's all about follow-up. Wish me luck. Now quit asking me about work first thing unless you want to hire me to eat ice cream and play Wii for an annual salary and benefits!! How am I doing? Oh peachy!
But seriously, if you hear of anything....

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