Friday, September 12, 2008

Never a Dull Day

Daytime TV can do a funny thing to the brain. At first you're completely disgusted by the notion of loafing around a semi-messy space, wasting a single second on programming designed for the lonely and bored. After a few days, something in you changes, and the regularly scheduled programs start to seem like gems you'd been missing out on. I started planning household chores around Will & Grace. I know it's time to shower just before Desperate Housewives comes on. Today, when I was restless for Terri Hatcher (who seems so normal on that show) to appear, it ocurred to me- perhaps I'm the one that's bored and lonely. This week has been spent researching, making calls, tweeking resumes, scouring the Help Wanted sections, and doing routine household chores/maintenance. I'm used to a school schedule where people come and go during the day because of classes. Hours went by without contact. Nobody from back home would tell you that having the boob tube on during the day is foreign to me. But this past summer got me into the workforce habit and lifewithout it seems, well, empty between 7-4.

When Matt comes home, I feel like a puppy. "YAY you're home! Where were you? Pay attention to me! Did you bring me anything?" It's sweet, but-UGH and EW! So today, when I finally got more than a 5 min. talk with an HR person, I felt like something was finally clicking. Puttering hasn't eased my homesickness the way that getting out and getting some purpose to my life will. So after this weekend, I predict big things. LOVE YOU ALL!

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