Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What are YOUR strengths and weaknesses?

Today I am thinking about the following 2 days. Tomorrow I interview at a school in Natick for a part-time position as an Applied Behavior Analysis Therapist. I want this job the most but FULL TIME if I'm driving more than 30 minutes. Friday comes and I will be on my way to Connecticut to interview at a brand new school as a Residential Counselor- Full time- full and healthy benefits. IN CONNECTICUT. Oh dear. I think maybe I should wait for a third offer and then...Sigh. I can't wait for the "what are your greater strengths and weaknesses" Oh.....Boy..

That's why, in honor of Matt's upcoming boys' weekend, I've netflixed a long list of girly movies and movies that nobody but me wants to see. Stuff I've been waiting to see forever. Penelope. Princess Diaries 2. Miss Pettigrew for a Day. I'll keep you updated, cause i'm sure you're dying to know. SNOOOOZE!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Very nice aka Wicked Good

Today was Beautiful. I've been tweeking resumes and letter of intents and calling people that don't know/like me til the cows come home. This would be fine, except they fail to butcher themselves and jump on to a grill with onions and mushrooms for me. Today i got a very very part time gig. Child-watch on Sunday mornings= free YMCA membership and a resume kicker that gets my foot in the door. I know it sounds pathetic after all the work I've put in, but HOT DIGGITY DAMN. I feel like celebrating.

On another subject, living in Gettysburg, I never felt like we were from "the South". I mean common- family vacations go to 'the South", the Hiddings are from "the South", SoCo and Sprite is from "the South" !! Not to mention Mama's Family! But living up here, I have NEVER felt more from the South than I have EVER. i even call it "the SOUTH" capitital freakin S. I just wanna set the record straight to all those lovely MA folks a'readin my blog.
1- My beautiful home in PA is ABOVE the Mason Dixon line.
2- Nobody I know is named Bubba.
3- If y'all pops out of my mouth, it's not my fault. I watch Reba.

Thank you and Goodnight.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Taco Night

I'm thinking that unemployed Wednesdays will be the new Taco night. If I didn't have a million things to do today (how can somebody who doesn't work be so busy?) I could make it over to Kirsten's to hang out and go to Jack's soccer practice like last Wednesday. But the kids were so psyched to see me, I don't want to wear that out. Teehee. So after I try to get a haircut, I'm coming home to make tacos/ taco salad. If all goes well, this could be the start of a beautiful series of Wednesdays. Who knows, I might even keep it up after I get a job. Taco night, here we come! Ay Caramba!

Monday, September 15, 2008

This weekend, Matt and I went to Swanzey. Despite the few hours spent kayaking and the lovely time we had chatting with the Hillhouses, I wish we'd stayed put. Friday night should have been a good indicator of how this weekend would be. Picture me behind a GASP- big, blue pick-up truck on rainy, unfamiliar roads (driving like the bus driver from Speed and if we went faster than 50 MPH, we'd explode) and Matt sitting next to me providing 2- word directions and practically gnawing at his seat belt for a cigarette. We went from snippy to happy and back several times, but it wasn't horrendous.

All everyone seems to want to hear about is the job front- so here we go:
I spoke with a lovely lady Friday about a part time position at the Y (just what I was looking for) She was supposed to email me information shortly after, but she flaked and I am dropping by in person today. Devereaux is scheduling interviews for a position I applied for this week. I want to contact Bill Beando from Wachusett, but can I really just call the busy principal and bypass HR because he's a friend of a friend of a friend? I have to heart- to- heart that one with Mrs. M. There are several other schools in this area which have received my resume or information. This week it's all about follow-up. Wish me luck. Now quit asking me about work first thing unless you want to hire me to eat ice cream and play Wii for an annual salary and benefits!! How am I doing? Oh peachy!
But seriously, if you hear of anything....

Friday, September 12, 2008

Never a Dull Day

Daytime TV can do a funny thing to the brain. At first you're completely disgusted by the notion of loafing around a semi-messy space, wasting a single second on programming designed for the lonely and bored. After a few days, something in you changes, and the regularly scheduled programs start to seem like gems you'd been missing out on. I started planning household chores around Will & Grace. I know it's time to shower just before Desperate Housewives comes on. Today, when I was restless for Terri Hatcher (who seems so normal on that show) to appear, it ocurred to me- perhaps I'm the one that's bored and lonely. This week has been spent researching, making calls, tweeking resumes, scouring the Help Wanted sections, and doing routine household chores/maintenance. I'm used to a school schedule where people come and go during the day because of classes. Hours went by without contact. Nobody from back home would tell you that having the boob tube on during the day is foreign to me. But this past summer got me into the workforce habit and lifewithout it seems, well, empty between 7-4.

When Matt comes home, I feel like a puppy. "YAY you're home! Where were you? Pay attention to me! Did you bring me anything?" It's sweet, but-UGH and EW! So today, when I finally got more than a 5 min. talk with an HR person, I felt like something was finally clicking. Puttering hasn't eased my homesickness the way that getting out and getting some purpose to my life will. So after this weekend, I predict big things. LOVE YOU ALL!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Beginning

And So it Begins. This is my second official day living in Massachusetts. Yesterday, I spent a frustrating day job hunting and grocery shopping. I had planned dinner, but, mercifully, Matt's parents called us over for dinner and there I met a fantastic contact, Dianna Comer. She was enthused and very helpful. Today I called some of those contacts and did more job hunting. I love it here and any nervousness or homesickness is usually balanced out with a lot of excitement. There are times-plenty of times- when I wonder at the wisdom (and possible hoochiness) of moving in with my boyfriend, but we felt a new closeness the first time we moved my boxes in and I can't imagine wanting to be someplace he's not. I also have a suspicious feeling of maturity that will hopefully come in handy. Above all, I know that this is a positive move.

My goal is to have a few interviews set up and send my resume to at least 6 employers. So that's the work front- lots of options and some wonderful contacts. I'm going to jinx myself and say that I'll have a job I want by the end of the month.

I still miss home and loved and familiar faces. I miss my mother and my friends and my job. I'm so excited.

This is going to be GREAT!!!