Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ah! The freakin holidays!

For those who find themselves wondering...I'm a little too excited about my first New England holiday season. I was bummed I missed the Black Friday party in 3-8. I can remember Matt and I talking after last year's one and figuring I'd be around for this one to enjoy. Now, I'm struggling to keep the Christmas decorations at a respectable minimum, revise (and reduce) the names on the list for Christmas card recipients, and try not to go overboard with the holiday crafts I'm dreaming of. (Homemade, environmentally friendly cranberry & ice candle holders and gingerbread house) It's sad enough I'm not getting to spend my actual Christmas up here, but I'm warm- cozy-pschyched..wozyched, if you will to know I get to spend Xmas with the old familia. So, if I send my Christmas cards at the earliest possible time (or don't depending on time and stamp availability) burn more cookies than most people are making, or flash a pair of my super-fine Christmas socks, just roll your eyes and remember how excited I am about the freak holidays that are upon us!


Kirsten said...

Super fine Christmas socks huh? My mom will be so proud, she's all about the socks!

Megymelly said...

I WANT to go Christmas-crazy, I just keep getting held back by, well, everything.

Can't wait to see your card. Hurry up, I've gotten exactly 1 and I'm not feeling all that popular right now.

Oh, and you WILL join Facebook and you WILL check it regularly so that I can send you plants and throw snowballs at you and send you flair because you are one of the few precious people on earth (and Facebook) that I wouldn't be embarrassed to send stupid stuff to. Join and friend me, I'll make it worth your while.

And HELLO, how you doin'?