Monday, November 24, 2008

Starting off on the right foot (cause the left is stomped flat!)

First- A very big thanks to Kirsten for following my blog. The rest of you- FOR SHAME! (all 2 of you)

Last week was decent. I got a thank you note in recognition of good work isolating candy for self-injurious behavior on one of the students.

This past weekend was fun-filled. Saturday, Matt and I went went to Abbey's 4th birthday party. Lots and lots of family there. Finally met Dennis's parents and siblings, and many many children...many! Sunday was spent doing laundry in Hubbardston while Dennis and Matt went nuts trying to change my oil. First time my oil wasn't changed at a mechanics. So far so good. And the price was more than right! I had more fun playing with the play dough set Matt and I gave her Saturday than either of the kids, I'm sure.

Today we had a new kid at school and I was thoroughly schooled in an autistic tantrum. I thought I'd seen them before- how wrong i was... This wasn't a meltdown. This kid could stop pretty easily during the flops and screams if he was motivated/distracted by the right toy. He responded to directions during his fits as if he weren't desperately trying to bite, hit, kick,stomp, scratch, rip, punch, and anything else he could do to fight. I have never heard a child scream at full force for over an hour straight per tantrum. Just when you thought he'd stop because only a demon child could manage that volume and not get hoarse, he'd start making this very creepy pant and moan (I almost preferred the screaming) and start screaming again. After an hour of just letting him tire himself out on me and trying not to get bitten for a 5th time, I took a breather in the staff bathroom and realized 5 minutes later I had been shaking since I left the room. So I feel justified to just shoving kielbasa in a crock pot and climbing into bed. Don't get me wrong. I don't mind bites and I'm not discouraged. But i was impressed, scared, and drained to an achey blob by his nonstop energy to scream like we were slowly torturing him and he thought if he screamed loudly enough, his mother would hear him 5 towns over! Beet red, wet eyes, foot a-stampin, he won the Brat of the Year award his first day at school. Oh well, quittin' time came and went and now everything is peaceful. ....Oh dear God, he's coming back tomorrow...hide me.

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Megymelly said...

Love those autistic rants.

I had a 12 year old boy coloring on a desk in my room last week. I stopped him and said, "you do NOT color on the desks!" and he started a crying jag..."you yelled at me!" he says to me later. How dare I?