Sunday, November 23, 2008

Narragansett Wedding

Last Saturday Matt and I went to Rhode Island for Ricky's sister's wedding. After all the stories about Ricky's colorful family I the worst so I could be pleasantly surprised. I mean, when it comes to talk of Deb, all I ever hear are her complainscapades or crazy tirades in the snow while Matt and Nick drop Ricky off and keep driving. Scary. But things were a lot different than what I expected. The weather was miserable on the way up- which bummed me out since, other than living through the ordeal, my goal was to bring back some good oceany pictures for the bathroom wall. Sunday was lovely, if freezing, and we got some good shots before I fell asleep in the truck. The actual wedding was in the same room as the reception in the Narragansett Towers. The Deb was nice and after a few drinks, very welcoming and the life of the party (I'm merciful so I won't include pictures of said life of party, but um WOW) Newport was awesome but freezing so we saw it from the comfort of our car.

Uh Oh!!!! Personal Rant coming! Consider yourself warned!!!!

A trip to Rhode Island, I'm told, takes around 2 hours. OUR trip to Rhode Island took the same amount of time it took to drive back from PA a few weeks ago. We got caught behind that colossal gas spill on 95 and better part of 3 hours in the same 5 mile area. One of the reasons I waited to blog about this was the craziness of people on the road. I was so upset, disgusted, and well, freakin pissed at the shere selfishness of people that a week later I can feel myself start to go off via blog and i was really hoping to avoid that. Because of the long wait and the fact that nobody had a clue what was up ahead, people started trying to use the emergency/ break down lane to get by. Highly illegal and for a good reason. About 20 minutes later an ambulance and other emergency vehicles were pretty much parked, waiting for these (first time I've ever found the term apply-EVER) Massholes to try and finagle back into traffic. They wouldn't do so unless they were gaining ground, so I was left to wonder where the humanity was in people that could sit in their SUVs and know they were blocking help to somebody who could be lying on the asphalt dying. I was out-of-control pissed. And glared at them until they looked my way and saw. I guess I was curious as to what kind of feeling they'd show- apologetic, obnoxious, inebriated?

"Wait we're not the Dunkin' Donuts line? So that MPH sign didn't take my order..:-("

What I didn't get was how I saw a few people glance at those freaks in the emergency lane, but everybody looked away. Most people just stared in front of them. Said freaks were getting off scot free. Drove me nuts. I fumed, I seethed, I even flipped a grandma off who tried to cut back into traffic in front of Matt and didn't take no for an answer. She played chicken with Matt until Matt was forced to let the crazy somethin somethin go. Even the granddaughter was sticking her tongue out and I was fuming. Vengeful. Righteous. Honestly, I figure that if people drive with that attitude, with any luck, they won't be on the streets for long....Jail people. I mean jail.

Anyway, I waited a week to tame down some of the language and hoped by the next Sunday I'd have brand-new, peace keeping perspectives. Oh well. At least we got home safe and had a lovely week (which i will blog about next) Ahh Sunday mornings.

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