Friday, November 07, 2008

Help... can't feel my toes

Right now I'm so into that hard day's work feeling. After not working for 2 months, it feels great to get back into the groove. And groove I did. Today I ran a few discrete trial programs and even took some data. We worked on matching "Match book with book, please!" and numbers "Find 2 please!" and 1:1 Correspondence "Count to 6 please!" Everything is followed by a YAY! After ever 5 1 and 1/2 minute periods with no self-biting (SIBs- self-injurious behaviors) my kiddo gets to bounce on an exercise ball for 5 minutes and spent most of those fun times being bounced by me while he pushed off my toes. After his 3rd break, my toes could take no more. After my shower I noticed, upon stretching my legs, that everything hurt a bit except my toes, which are regaining feeling and protesting today's bouncing breaks.

All in all, I find my job easy to jump into, fulfilling, and more demanding than my last stint with these special kiddos. Now that I see how much work is involved in being the head teacher, I'm not nearly as disabppointed I was offered an Assistants position first. Can't wait to start Monday, where a coworker is bringing in lunch for the whole staff. A surprise fusion of African and European. See why I can't wait?


Megymelly said...

Yay! I get to be your first commenter.

I'm so very very psyched for you in this job. Sounds like you had a nice first day. May I give you advice? Good, because I'm going to anyway, that's what big sister do; they boss you around.

1. Find something else for the kid to push off of. Your toes are not a spring board.

2. My first year, particularly my first 6 months of teaching, I came home (well before Bob because I worked closer) and I would very often sleep for an hour after work before the whole dinner hour thing. That's how I got used to getting up and being "on" for 8 hours after college's easier schedule.

3. I'm so proud!

Kirsten said...

I don't know if I mentioned it when I saw you on Thursday, but YAY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!