Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Air (And Other Nice Things)

So lately I've been feeling a little confused. Recently, I slacked off my blogging routine (yeah, I know. what routine Miss -10 -posts- in -3 -months?) because I just felt like being unemployed and doing pretty much the same thing every day was not blog worthy. See below:
1.Woke up early for no good reason other than self respect.
2. Made lists of all the stuff I was going to get to.
3. 11:30 call from Matt. Puttered around online and did a chore every hour or so. 4.Took a nap.
5. Revised list to include things I'd already done but didn't count so that it looks like I've checked off a lot.
6. Threw out list.
7. Snacked and snacked and snacked.
8. Waited eagerly for my favorite guy to come home.

Now I have some place to go and interesting, often ridiculous, bizarre, or very funny stuff to do. But since I've been getting things together (frequently cooking, having people over, maintaining a decently clean bedroom and possibly kitchen) all I seem to appreciate is how lovely it feels to be in New England. The weather seems charming even when it's not. Warm drinks never tasted so good. It's probably the same temperature in PA- or close to it, but the air in the late afternoon feels so crisp it could break. It's got this satisfying bite to it. And that smell of woodsmoke a few streets over- MMMMMMMmmmmm!!
Maybe I'm focusing on how nice it feels up here to offset the homesickness that followed me back from PA. That's only natural, but I can't help feeling guilty when I don't feel homesick, because my friends and family miss me a lot AND guilty when I do feel homesick, because I have great people around me everywhere- home, work, holden, hubbardston, and across the hall if it's just me at 3-8 and I get lonely. Then I start to worry that I'm overanalyzing everything and missing out on how much fun I'm having building my life. So yeah, I think for now I'll just go with the flow and enjoy the cool, clean air. It's nice.

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