Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Catching up

It occurs to me I've been VERY remiss in keeping up with my blog. That always seems to happen in my blogging history. I just felt there wasn't much to say, but since that never stops me in person, why should it silence my blog?

Just recently, however, there have been several new things I can gladly share. Big things first, I got a call back from West Boylston about the job I interviewed for over a month ago. I was really ticked after I was called back and then never heard from them for weeks, but I guess those clearances take a long time to get in from PA. Still, I'm pretty certain returning a phone call wouldn't have killed anyone- and if so, they should've called anyway! Well, after I called and said I had another offer, but would still love to work at WB because it was so close and I liked them so much (not so much anymore) they called back. Fishy. I should try that a lot from now on. This job is as an ABA aid, not as much money or as high a position as the Evergreen Center job.

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