Thursday, November 13, 2008


It feels like I have endless good news.

Yesterday I worked with a kid I didn't have much to do with until Wednesday. For HIPPA purposes, we'll call him D. He's an enigmatic, non-verbal munchkin around 12 and he has the speed and attention span of a rabbit. Wednesday he ran away from me- out of the classroom, away from me- about 4 times. A coworker told me he is very hard to work with and she's gotten in trouble for losing control of him. YIKES! Today I went in with at least 3 ways in mind to improve my work with him and everything worked! As a result, a coworker informed my boss that I handled him very well and did an excellent job today. At the staff meeting there was a public announcement about my awesomeness. It doesn't get much better than that.

This weekend Matt and I are going to Rich's sister's wedding. I've never met Tracy, but I'm excited to go to Rhode Island. We got an excellent deal on a room in a very swanky beach resort for less than everyone else in the wedding party- by a lot. I had planned on letting Matt go crazy and take pictures of the shore for the bathroom. It looks like it's going to rain and rain hard the whole time. Still, I'm so excited. After all, our trip to Maine kicked ass and it was dark and stormy and freezing 80% of the day. Nothing like sideways rain to make you snuggle up and appreciate the atmosphere.

The only downers this weekend are that I'm missing Maddie's birthday and I don't have cumfy yet sexy shoes for Saturday. But Maddie got her presents last week, I still have a day left to shop, and there's a white merlot calling my name!

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Kirsten said...

Congrats on the job well done today, it's always great when you are APPRECIATED. Watch out or you'll be running that place before long!