Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hello. My Name is...

This is one of the several attempts to compensate for ignoring my blog for a loooong time. As I sip my sugar free cider, I am warmed. It's not just the apple cinnamony goodness- cause that's a little too hot right now. It's the knowledge that I'm once again, gainfully employed. Honestly, I did not care for the long wait for a returned phone call, but after two months of job searching, I got desperate. I admit- I was at a loss for purpose. Cleaning up after the boys- um no. I tried. I swear I did! But I need to be out and about. I'm especially good at being about.
So, here's the job situation. When I finally caught Stephanie (and i started calling every hour and then at 3 about ever 8 minutes- soooo pathetic, i know) she offered me an Instructional Assistant position. Here's what that means:
1. I work one on one with a kidlet and swap ever hour or so when needed.
2. I have a head teacher in charge of overall everythings that need done, but works along side me.
3. I have A LOT of room for advance- and advance I shall.

So I'm very excited about working tomorrow morning. WOOHOO!
Hello. My Name is Caitlin. And I'm employed!

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