Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The enemy of spellcheck

Today I am feeling just jolly. I woke up early to go the gym and when I whined I was promptly told, "Stay in bed and sleep. You can go later." Beautiful words. NOT HELPFUL. Lovely thought, though. I went to the gym and still felt half asleep on the elliptical for a good 10 minutes into my workout. I treated myself to a healthy breakfast and came to work, where I was greeted by a pissed off (AND TERRIBLY MISSPELLED) letter from a parent who is pissed at his kid staying an extra 45 min. I'm pissed too. Worcester parents didn't even have the luxury of a meeting to vote. But um, if you think anybody at this school was part of the decision, you're straight up crazy. And dude- read what you write. Cause write, right, and wright- different words, and one of them doesn't exist. Also- livid..not livered. Everyone who has a liver is livered, but not necessarily livid. (I know I'm not. Livid. I am livered for the time being, though.) So just a warning to parents, if you send in angry notes with imaginary words and misspellings, it WILL be passed around and you WILL be laughed at. I'm not saying we didn't forward it to the higher ups, but who's going to listen when you sound like a jackass. Nobody, that's who. And if you're reading this, I'm not saying that nobody makes spelling errors. It's a busy world. But just be thankful I didn't right thes liek a stoopid, arngry parent. LMAO. Coz I wanted two. Sea? Hard to reed!

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Kirsten said...

hee hee, funny. I CAN'T STAND misspellings. Sometimes I find one on a blog post I have already put up and it drives me crazy. I love spellcheck. :-)

I didn't know you had to work 45 extra minutes every day. That's stinky.