Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A side of Rant

Last night, St. Patty's Day, when we should've been glugging down green beer and dining on potatos and ...haggis, maybe?...Erik, Matt, and I were sitting around talking about the day when suddenly, the lights flickered and then went out. After the ice storm in December, I would have a small internal freakout when lights flickered, even if someone just accidentally leaned against the switch- even in Pennsylvania!! Not that the ice storm was as terrible for us as others. It was sorta an adventure and plenty of people are still recovering. Groceries were the only things our ours destroyed and we were displaced for no more than a week. But when a light flickered, I could feel myself gearing up to go through it all again. As a Psych major I can say that technically, you could classify that as trauma, but the lame trauma you hear people getting when their pet turtle dies or they experience a hit and run with absolutely no injury.

So, last night when the power went off I made over 2 valiant hours of attempted cheerfulness. After the time the power was supposed to come on and nothing happened, I went to bed. At 9. Pissed, sad, and well pissed. Hardly a goodnight.

I heard that it was posted in the Landmark. WHO READS THE FREAKIN LANDMARK? It got me thinking- what about the disabled. What about the poor? What about the illiterate, blind, deaf, etc. National Grid, and all the electric companies involved with this storm needs to step it up. No bonuses for working hard during that time. THAT'S YOUR JOB! Why should you get a extra for doing your job when it's hard? I don't get bonuses when I'm slapped around at work. Dentists don't get bonuses when patients have bad breath. Nobody should be getting any bonus over a few $100 in this economy for doing what you're already paid to do. Good for Obama for pursing every legal avenue to stop these bonuses. And for those that think this economy is his fault, I may be a middle -of -the -roader most of the time, but I'm not stupid. Use your brain! Nobody who just took office got us into this mess. Baby boomers did. SO I don't want to hear anyone over 45 complaining anymore. Letting the house pay for this and that. That means you couldn't afford it, but got it anyway. Ok, but um, raise your hand if that doesn't sound like it will come back to bite somebody in the ass!

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Kirsten said...

yup, that's gonna get ya right in the ass.