Monday, April 06, 2009

Weekend fun

This past weekend was a blast, so I thought I'd let everyone know what we got up to. Friday night neither of us were in the mood to do anything that required moving/doing/being anywhere other than home. I picked up from pizza from Toula's (almost as good as Tommy's- shout out to my Gburg and former Gburg peeps!) We were going to watch a netflix movie, but I spotted the second Ice Age movie, so I fell asleep to that. Saturday I went to the gym and got my hair cut. Arrived in time for Jeff and Matto to come and Ricky, Matt, Matto, and Jeff and I piled into a car and headed off to Nick's surprise birthday cookout. What a gal that Michelle is to plan her husband's surprise party on HER birthday. We mostly hung out in the garage laughing and drinking because the house was packed with family and SRO- barely. We hung around until around 12 and came home and crashed. Sunday was good for chores and in the afternoon, Matt and I took an hour long walk around Rutland. We dined at the Common because neither of us felt like grilling anything like we'd planned. Matt was displeased with his meal. I was ok with my lasagna. Here's Monday. Ready to do it all again!


Kirsten said...

Isn't Matt usually displeased with his meal? In general he is a hard guy to please I think, god bless ya for putting up with him. ha ha :-) I'm sorry I invited you guys over and then basically uninvited you. I am a dork, I was just frightened by the extreme shrinking of that pot roast. So weird. . . see you later.

Megymelly said...

You got your hair cut? I guess I shall see tomorrow.


We're having chick stir-fry tomorrow night, hope that's ok. See ya!

Megymelly said...

This is me poking you, blogger-style.