Friday, May 29, 2009

Back..sort of

Ok Ok. So I'm blogging one more time. I finally had a lunch break long enough to do so! Coming off a hectic week, a lovely memorial day weekend in NH, and another hectic week, I am pleased to say today should be a piece of cake- literally. Today is the Goddard Learning Center's teacher appreciation party. A double classroom has become a beautifully decorated, ball-like atmosphere. Everyone is dressed to the nines. Everyone except the people at Basics, who never dress up because we have more sense than to wear nice clothes when they will be ripped, spilled on, spit on, and all together destroyed. But it would've been nice to know before we walked in with sweats and jeans (standard professional attire). Still, the kids will have a great meal, snacks, and an entire afternoon of dance party. I can see my students lasting possibly an hour. But still..PARTY!

I've been really lax about going to the gym. It's been so hard to wake up and get myself going that I usually only have 20 minutes and that hasn't been doing me any good. I've been trying. Everyday I wish we had an elliptical or something in the guest room. But that idea gets scoffed at. I'm patiently waiting for Jamma Jacks (a special Friday lunch created by a high functioning class of teens and benefiting said teens with snacks and supplies).

I don't really know if I'll continue blogging, but I have a funny feeling this summer will see me with a lot more time on my hands, soo.....maybe!

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Megymelly said...

I vote for YES, more blogging.

When are you coming down? I need some sisterly cut-throat competition at board games.