Monday, June 01, 2009

Poker Face

Wow. I'm pretty impressed that I'm actually sitting down to do more blogging this week. I've decided that just sitting by myself (only one who has my lunch time is me!) and eating my lunch quietly isn't enough escape from my job. Reading or blogging or a coffee run. These are musts. Fortunately, I've only got 20 days left until my crazy job, with 6 1/2 hour days that feel like 10, get shortened to a summer schedule of a mere 12 hours a week. Nobody panic. I'm salary. Oh, times will be sweet.

This past Friday Matt & I vegged. We went to dinner at Ladd's. It's nice but sometimes I think we're too young for that crowd. Too much of a doily-feel for me. Then we sat around a fire with Kirsten and Dennis for a bit. Saturday we cleaned and Matt Litt arrived. Erik was over to paint so we enjoyed some steak and corn from Matt's baby, his new grill. That night I played my first poker for money. We used change, but still! I did not start pleased because, come on, $2.00 is still a cup of coffee. I felt grinchly because we didn't really budget our cheap steak and breakfast and snacks and soda for Matt Litt and after all that, i didn't feel like him walking away with actual money of mine! Not to worry though. I fleeced his keister. I'm acquainted with the rules and some small techniques, but mostly I thought it was going to be ridiculously harder than it was. Plus you can always tell when my Matt has something. It was fun and not too hard at all! I got about $4-5 off him. WOOOO!!!!

Sunday we had a nice dinner with Matt's parents, Nanny, and Auntie M. I think things went well because I'm enjoying very nice leftovers for lunch. We should do that more often.


Kirsten said...

ha ha, fleeced his keister. And 12 hour weeks all summer, sounds like we will have to hit the lake together!

Megymelly said...

We'll have to break out the cards when next we meet. I'd like to win a cup of coffee off of Matt, now that I know his secret. :-)