Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer begins!

Last Wednesday was my last full day at work until August. Thursday, I drove down to PA (minus a working CD player in my car). The idiotic little pop songs I hated last week are the only things running through my head now. I had a great time with my family, crazy though they may be. Maddie is amazing. Years of coursework and field experience in child development now fail me, because whenever I start talking about how advanced she is in so many areas (chatting coherently and sometimes in complete and proper sentences, making very advanced observations for a 2 year old) it just sounds like I'm a proud Auntie. And I am.

I missed Matt and my home a lot and coming home felt great. I love visiting Gburg and seeing my hometown, in all it's summertime glory, while MA was cold and dreary (and has been for 6 months) opened up a can of nostalgia that was tough to choke back.

I was late for my first summer school day. We have an abbreviated schedule this summer- 9-1:30, or 9:15-1:15 for the kids. So far, so good. My student, "the brat" as I not-so-affectionately call him in my head was pretty good! (i'm not calling him that because he has autistic behaviors-those are to be expected. It's the rest of the time and I'm just calling it like I see it).

Next week, is Swanzeycation and I'm trying to get together what Matt and I will contribute. Kirsten- i'll give you a call soon, but what is still needed?


Kirsten said...

love the whole "swanzeycation" term. I facebooked you with a little list ~~ just remember that Swanzey water creates absolute havoc on your hair. My advice, pack a hat!

Megymelly said...

Ooh! Ooh! My advice? Shave it all off and do a Sinead tribute. There's a cool Lincoln in it for you if you do.