Friday, September 04, 2009

Back at Basics and I'm excited to see what changes this year. We have a new supervisor and therefore a new attitude and new protocols. Overall there's more of a "Cut the CRAP!" attitude towards behaviors and I think it is about time. I'm sick of hittings, kickings, and listening to screaming while I'm poor-babying, ooing and ahhing and rubbing backs until the widdle schnooky wooky zips his lips and is ready to move on. I prefer complete and instant removal of toys, snacks, and attention.

We're taking the camper to Swanzey this weekend and I'm excited about the fall-like weather all ready! Can't wait to get to the serenity of nature and plug in all my electronics and light a scented candle- if you've smelled our camper, you'll understand.


Megymelly said...

I'm with ya on the "Cut the Crap" routine. (Although I Could. Not. Stand. when Mom said that, nails on a chalkboard.) I found out last year that I apparently have a "strict teacher" persona at school, and DAMN do I love it. Why shouldn't you do a little toy-taking. "What do my actions or inactions teach this kid?"

CaitRenee said...

Amen. Every moment is a teachable moment- unless you're too lazy. My new rule is never ask for something you don't 100% plan on following up and making happen. If I don't intend to walk over to the kidlet and make him comply, it's not worth me wasting time asking for. I love being strict.

CaitRenee said...

And I NEVER stand across the room from a kid, tell him to do something a million times, and then let him get away without doing anything. Tell me, is it the same disciplining your students as it is with Maddie. Or do you do things differently?