Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Last night I read that today's date had specific and numerological significance to several cultures. Apparently, 9 is a magic number. If you multiply 9 by a 2 digit number and add the numbers of the sum, you'll always get 9. Ex. 9x35=315, 3+1+5=9. Spooky. I guess you can do the same for every 2,3,and 4 digit number, too. To Chinese, this is supposed to be a great day. To the Japanese, not so much. To the ABA therapist on her way to work, this means blinding cramps, but less morning workload thanks to coworkers who are grateful for the times I've covered for them and the coffee that fuels them.
If that fails, I say I need to do paperwork and sit quietly- recouping, regrouping. Because I always do my paperwork the previous day, in preparation for the next day's class (silly me for doing what everyone was directed to do last year), I never really have any to do during the day, so I stare vacantly at data sheets and write random letters and cross random things out. I have finally embraced the way of the slacker- but for emergency only.

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