Monday, September 14, 2009

First Impressions

Since school started a few weeks ago, I've met several new people. I don't necessarily put a whole lot of stock in first impressions. I've known plenty of people who seemed strange or obnoxious, who are simply lovely people (or vice versa). After all, if someone walked in right now and met me for the first time, they'd see someone deep breathing, hunched over a computer, shoveling a half frozen lean pocket in my mouth- not really my best foot forward.

A few of these folks were work related. Jon, fresh to the Basics program was quiet, but ultimately very cool. The only crappy thing about working with him is that he left for greener pastures after 1-2 weeks in (and not a soul here blames him). Another new person is my boss, Prudy. I'm pretty sure everyone outside BCI, and several in, know my opinion of her and writing it on an office computer would be profoundly stupid. Let's just say, I thought she had promise her first day, but I will never be comfortable handling an aggressive child with this lady.

Last weekend, Matt and I went to meet Amanda, Matto's new girlfriend. For everybody curious, Amanda works with Matto at NECC. She's 25 and goes to folk festivals, doesn't smoke, and can handle the absurdly strong drinks Matt pours. I really liked her and as the evening (and drinking) progressed, she started to remind me of a sweet and intelligent version of Steph, without the crazy undertones. They have really similar voices, but let's hope the similarities end there.

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Megymelly said...

I remember my first impression of you; loud and smelly. You were hours old, though, to be fair.