Monday, June 15, 2009

Lovely weekend

Whenever Matt and I leave a place, I have a habit of saying "Well, that was Lovely!" as soon as we get in the car. I must have said it 10 times this weekend. Friday I did some frantic laundry and straightening (being very liberal with that word) before we headed out to Springfield. We stopped for din din along the way. I'd just like to give a much deserved shout out to the peeps at Spencer Subway for NEVER making us a bad sandwich and always being sweet. Seriously, no cranky teenager cutting corners until it's time to clock out there! We arrived at Springfield at 9ish and about 2hrs later I promptly fell asleep.

Saturday morning, Tracy took me to this heavenly nail place where we got pedicures. I don't think I've ever had a legitimate peddy, so I was delighted to sit in the massage chair with my feet soaking in hot, bubbly water and get my legs and feet rubbed while I watched a movie on the giant plasma in front of me. They even rub your shoulders and back while your tootsies dry! Now my toes are pretty in pink. Tracy, Erik, Matt, and I set up for the cookout. There had to be about 20 people there and I think everyone had a blast! After I dominated at beer pong and said goodbye to all the guests, I hit the hay.

Sunday we left Springfield and headed straight to Todd and Erin's for a cookout. It was much smaller and somehow slightly odd, but still delightful. Molly is a very cute baby. After a few episodes of Deadwood, I was ready for bed. Last night the kitty broke my favorite lamp (the ONLY lamp I can call my own here) and my body woke up for work and gave me a "really...this again?" attitude. Still, another week of working for the weekend! That will be lovely.

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Kirsten said...

"It was smaller and somehow slightly odd but still delightful" ????? OK, we'll have to chat later.

CaitRenee said...

It was just kind of weird because there weren't lots of people. It was Todd & Erin, Mandy & Bill, and Matt & Me. And Mandy & Bill showed up with very litle um enthusiasm, ate, and ran. I don't really know the family dynamics, so I don't really know what to think. In any case, I got a salsa recipe out of it. And Todd and Erin were delightful.