Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The theme of this week is already patience. Sunday, Matt and I lost the camper we had us spending all Saturday evening scheming and dreaming . $350 for pretty good condition with $100 from Matt's parents? We would've been idiots to take it right then and there, but now we feel like idiots for passing it up. I've called the seller (Camper in my contacts list) about 15 times a day and patiently waited for him to pick up. Apparently he has caller ID but no answering machine. WHAAA? Maybe he should buy a used one off the side of the road so he could be reached now and then. Perhaps he could simply tell us it's been sold and we could move on!

Monday was hellish and I spent around 2+ hours in a 3 person hold for a student who was having a hell of a day. I'd like to proudly report I came away with only scratches and minor bruises and ALL MY HAIR- thank you very much. I get a crazy thrill when I'm successful in calming down aggressions without getting my butt kicked. It was a surreal experience and it set a Basics record for longest tantrum. Nothing useful from his Mom's notes, so I'm at a loss. I came home and was beside myself. Tuesday was almost as bad, but I got more breaks from him. What really helped was making dinner myself (kept my brain busy and boosted my confidence) and then vegging out to 2 episodes of Deadwood (HBO western drama Matt's Dad lent us). Last night we watched 3.

My gym habits have fallen by the wayside but I still try to make it 3 times in a week. What actually gets accomplished on the elliptical at a snails pace, I dunno. I'm looking forward to my "summer on Easy St." with 4 day weekends every week, volunteer work, and relaxing by the pool. And as soon as the summer weather can get here, I'll be set.


Anonymous said...

Caitlyn, Sounds like an awful week. I feel guilty getting so many nice cards and gifts from my parents in appreciation. You deserve a BIG gift. Don't worry about the camper, something will come up, better. I had bad vibes about that N.H one. Keep the faith!

Megymelly said...

Ok, I worry about you and your hair up there. Minor scratches and bruises? Excuse me, that's my sister you're beating up. And although I would have been happy to be able to pull that off in our childhood (you kicked my @ss on a regular basis, as I recall) that kid better WATCH it. Um...I have students who know karate! I think.