Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I need a nap! (subject of blog is completely unrelated)

Yesterday, I tried to write a blog and the stupid computer at work messed it up twice! So, I'll just give a lil ol recap.

Friday- I've had enough of this job. I figure everyone feels that way about their work, but I've got to begin considering other employment. Every time I think about it, I say, "well, in this economy..." In this economy, nuttin! Either I finish the year and begin to look for other options and prepare myself for them, or I get a lot tougher and stop minding the exhaustion and injuries. End of story. Friday I strained a muscle in my back doing what has become sadly normal- physical restraint. It was ridiculous pain, but it's fading nicely...FINALLY!

Saturday- I went to Rich's birthday party. If my back hadn't been killing me, I might have had a better time. There was karaoke, live music, boccie ball, ladder ball, and around 9PM, the kids from next door's birthday party came over and danced their 9-year old hearts out. Very cute. Not to mention my darling boyfriend doing Olympian dives into the pool. I didn't know you could be so aerodynamic with all that hair!

Now, I'm sitting on the computer during my 11AM lunch break on the very last full day of school for the year. When I was little, mom told me the reason she didn't get excited about her birthday was because as you got older, you really didn't care about them. I honestly didn't believe her, but the same concept applies to the last day of school now. I'm pleased that I lasted this long, but that's about it. Summer school is round the bend. Same kids, same crap. And our kids don't have a clue what goes on in their worlds, so there's no sense of excitment or conclusion. Just me and my pack of Special K blogging on lunch break, once again.


Kirsten said...

You can be aerodynamic with hair like that? Amazing. You sound depressed, better head home for some R&R! See you when you get back have a safe and great trip!

CaitRenee said...

im just looking back on my old blogs, and yeah, i was super depressed.