Monday, November 16, 2009

Wedding Daze

I'm officially in withdrawal from Erik & Tracy's wedding. I've been looking forward to last week for months. It came. It rocked. And now it's gone. To me, it sort of felt like they were married already. They already shared a home, a bank account, and of course, Red. The actual wedding and reception were everything you'd expect from Erik & Tracy. Modern, fun, and definitely a little lavish. I still have 6-8 bottles of Erik & Tracy Oil (Rosemary Olive Oil) that were tossed in my huge Foach bag (fake Coach).

Today the kids went to a Thanksgiving dinner at the Manor Restaurant. Good ol' Manor. They do so much free stuff for our kids. The children sat down at a beautifully made table and proceeded to whip apart the carefully folded clothe napkins and pushed away the turkey, rice, potatoes, corn, and stuffing they were offered. They pigged out on candy and cookies, and I frankly didn't stop them. I'm working on saving my energy for the fights that matter. So 3 cups of diet soda? Why the hell not! 4 cookies- go nuts! They danced, or more accurately jumped and swayed and stimmed, their booties off for about 1/2 an hour before the behaviors started, as I most definitely expected them too. Placing highly sensitive autistic children in a room with blaring music and 200 other children spells disaster any way you look at it. Now I'm enjoying a lunch break (minus lunch since I took advantage of a free meal from The Manor) and listening to the sounds of kids who are coming down from their sugar rushes just in time for me to be relaxing on the computer.

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Kirsten said...

Oh that's where my oil ended up, in your bag! I forgot about that ;-)