Sunday, January 04, 2009

Back Again

For those of you who read/follow the blog d'Caitlin, I'm sure you're very impressed with my 2+ bloggings in 1 week. The longest winter vacation in history is drawing to a close and I'm ready to head back to work tomorrow. I'm the tiniest bit nervous about heading back after almost a month off. But I'm MORE than ready!

This weekend Matt and I were invited to stay a few nights out in Springfield with Tracy and Erik. Going into this weekend, I think we both assumed that Erik had officially moved and wasn't coming back. I know the communication has been kinda..well male. No long talks, teary goodbyes, or even a general date discussed between those two. But some how they make it work.

We had a ball in Springfield. The first night we had a lovely dinner with Tracy, Erik and a few friends from Springfield. We haven't seen them since Halloween, so it was definitely a reminder to facebook those peeps ASAP. We played hard Rock Band until around 2. Well, I quit at 2. The boys called it quits at 3am.
The next day Matt was consumed with the need for our own guitar for Rock Band so we could all play at once. I wasn't thrilled with the notion, but hey, it wasn't my decision. I warmed up to the idea later (rationalizing helps), but by that time Matt had buyers remorse. This usually happens with us. We went to a great little brewery in Northhampton for lunch and made a stop at the (ok, I really don't remember its name)...Honeyoak? Holokey? I don't know, but with an extra guitar in hand, take a wild guess what we did when we got back to Springfield.

Tonight, the boys (Matt, Matt O., and Rich) are out rustling up some grub. Matt O is over to enjoy the various Wii activities and show us pictures from his New Year's Eve in Mexico City (which he says gets a bad rap- probably from the water.) I love having company and I can't wait until my visions for 3-8 are realized!

A comfy, non-broken green couch, a complimenting area rug to cover our nasty carpet, pergo (pargo?) kitchen floors, wall shelves to display the many nick knacks that are currently cluttering every freaking surface. Eventually, I hope for a nice flat screen TV- but there are more important purchases to be made first. Picturing this place slightly more put together and cozy takes me to my happy place. Much love, and thanks for reading!!

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