Monday, January 26, 2009

You've been Warned!

So it's no secret to anybody who has seen me that I need to lose some weight. I feel like I'm always trying, but then I have these serious bouts of weak will and it all goes down the toilet. Never so literally as lately. Since getting the Wii fit, I've managed to lose about 12lbs (and kept about 7 of them off) That makes me feel pretty good, because it's honest. It's walking more at work, exercising more at home, and throwing 2x as much veggies on my plate. So I figured there's little harm in a little bit of pharmaceutical help, too. I took what I read was the safest "diet aid" out there for less than a week and'd better follow the rules it sets out or SUFFER! And since the consequences of 2 slices of pizza with the kids last week and fried scallops and french fries this weekend have become miserable and gross, I can't disclose the horrible details and have to suffer alone. (I'd count sharing it here, but I'm honestly so embarrassed that I'll probably deny it if anyone brings it up.) It must satisfy my gentle reader to know I've never taken what I eat as seriously as I am right now. So if anyone is curious..don't be. Just say no! You've been warned!!!


Megymelly said...

Wait, was it Alli?
Does that stuff screw with you if you eat too much fat? Seriously? Wow. I'd be nicely screwed, then.

Kirsten said...

Is it Alli? I was totally considering that but the side effects did kind of freak me out. So I just ordered these Acai Berry vitamins (along with a colon cleanse?? - ewwww) that I had been seeing but another blogger mommy actually took them and so far so good. I don't know, why do we do these things to ourselves???? We should just go to Weight Watchers and do it right, but I need HELP!!! Even my coat is tight. And when can I go to a Weight Watcher meeting???? I barely can find the time to sneak off to the bathroom.

CaitRenee said...

Yeah it was Alli. And if I'd followed the rules, I'd be fine. But I didn't. And I found myself sneaking to the bathroom WAAAAY more than I wanted.