Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Snow Day

Yesterday I heard we were in for another storm, I didn't think it would mean another snow day. Still, I know better than to be caught off guard, so I bought a few bags of groceries to see us through. Last night Matt and I played Erik's Rock and waited for updates about Nanny, who went to the hospital last night for pneumonia, but is stable today. I was exhausted and aching from being pulled, grabbed, pushed, and hugged every which way. I chased, bounced, and picked up kids who let their 100+lb bodies go perfectly limp so I had to do all the work getting them to their feet. *side note* This, by the way, is called a flop and really sucks. Still, I wish I had the ability to release every bit of tension and control from every muscle at once in just a second or relaxing would that be?!* When I got home, I'd had enough of kids and tantrums and stress. I couldn't even watch my new Nanny 911: Season 1 on DVD! Too stressful!


Today is a snow day and I've had enough of crappy weather cancelling school. I wrote down 4 household chores to get done before I can go crazy with leisure and Wii. I got 2/3 through before I spent an hour rocking out an now I want a nap. Gooood job Caitlin. Oh well. I guess it's just another lazy snow day. Now where's my cocoa.


Megymelly said...

Hey, at least you got some snow! NJ stinks for snow fall totals. We get an average of 1 snowday a year.
I want to learn how to do that flop thing too. Send me a flopper to teach me! chocolate.

CaitRenee said...

Don't I know it. And also, follow my blog! I only have like 3-4 readers as it is.