Friday, January 23, 2009

Workin hard

This week has been kind of crazy at work, but I'm still really proud of myself. It feels good to have new daily/weekly goals for doing a better job and the day/week before. I love being in a profession where we understand the power of verbal positive reinforcement, because it really works on the kids AND staff helps me feel good about working harder. That said...

Today I felt like I worked my ass off. I group managed (working with 2 kids who should each have their own teacher) like crazy after a meeting yesterday that discussed the necessity of group managing kids and how to go about it. I found it very idealistic because it skimmed over the fact that should either kid have behavioral problems,all those helpful suggestions go out the door and we wind up with yet another child having multiple staff members and more kids with less staff. Should BOTH of those kids start having maladaptive behaviors..gooood luck with a side of yeah right.

However, Wednesday I was recognized on paper and verbally for the data I'd worked hard to take for the past week or two. I was told I was the staff member doing the best with that data. WOO!

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