Monday, February 02, 2009

When it rains...

Not to have a bad attitude, but lately, it's been pouring. A few weeks ago, I was pretty proud of myself for having all my finances in order, a steady job I like, a full gas tank, a roof over my head, and wonderful friends and family I was doing OK keeping in touch with.

Then I got a call explaining that the last electric bill from when I lived at school hadn't been paid (Bullsh....ugh ok, I paid it lickedy split rather than argue it, with a small explanation that I was unaware I owed anything.) Then my PA bank writes me with a second notice (where was the first!! This was my fault- albeit accidentally. I didn't switch my visa bill to my new bank card in time and was unaware my PA bank was charged and paid the bill. I had left $25 in it with the intention of closing my account soon. With the understanding that I would pay that off in increments (so my other bills don't suffer), I then hassled with LCU for charging me overdrafts when I had hundreds in my account and was told (mistakenly) when it would be available. (still haven't sorted that one out) Then my fuel pump breaks right before my trip back to PA...$700+. I flipping hate money.

None of these things can't be sorted out. None of these things is insurmountable. All of these things are inconvenient and freakin expensive. And all of these things have the power to make me feel like I'm failing at adulthood. But checks will be written. Calls will be made. And all of this will straighten out- as will the big knot inside me that they twistedand keep twisting. I will deal and cope, deal and cope. And then probably do it all again someday.

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