Thursday, February 19, 2009


The biggest issue lately has been the whole Rich/Steph thing. It's been causing a lot of issues for Matt and me. But no more. Matt has promised to resolve the issue by next week. And now I am free. Today, I was off from work and found myself thinking about everything. It was such a nice change from what I normally think about when I walk around here. I had a bevy of happy thoughts and felt lighter and breezier. I think Matt really means business this time and I can't wait until there are decent boundaries for guest visits. That said, my best friend from college is coming to visit the first weekend of March. She's staying for a weekend and I'm SOOOO excited. I almost started cleaning for her today! But let's be honest, I'm going to wait until Friday and throw everything in a closet. But still....WOOOOOO! Amanda's coming!

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