Monday, February 09, 2009

The nicer they are...update

My earlier blog today was inspired by welcome reactions from my coworkers after I shared my restaraunt complaining experience. I recognized how angry I sounded and today's drive home was spent thinking about how I could calmly and reasonably explain to my roommates girlfriend that there are some things she's doing that I'd like her to change. When I was finished, I felt so much better. Once I decided that I was absolutely going to address the issues I have with her the next time an opportunity presents itself, I felt so much better. I have been thinking a lot about the happy medium I want to achieve- Respecting my feelings as much as anyone else's and thoughtfully addressing my problems with people when they happen so they won't stew. Cause sometimes, like at Mamu's house, stew is just gross. I still want to be super sweet. I just don't want to take more crap than necessary.

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Megymelly said...

Amen to the Mamu's house stew. I've got to call her.