Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I don't have much to blog about. Money troubles are still present, but some of them have been solved this week. Today I will pick up my car and face the music to the tune of 700+. The coolest thing going on lately is the new kid from Nepal at work . So cute. Even his tantrums are pretty adorable. My assigned kid was sick yesterday and Adrienne didn't feel well, so I hung out with this new kid for a few hours until my break. We bonded. When I came back he was tantruming for a very frustrated Misty. I took over and was SOOO proud of how I handled it. Calm, crouched down to his level, acknowledging his feelings, giving him simple step-like commands to help him calm down like "sit down now" "pick up the tissue you threw" (while holding his hand or rubbing his shoulder gently) and clear rewards for calming down. He lived in a refugee camp and looks pretty damn malnourished. He eats just about anything he's offered and ferrets food away to take home. Hunger seems to be a very serious reality to him. Makes me feel bad when I grump because of a late dinner. He's so very smart, he's got 80% of his staff's names down after hearing them once or twice...except mine. Me, he calls Doctor. And I don't mind at all.

He sort of reminds me of shortrun..shortround ...that little kid from the Indiana Jones movie. Maybe I'll have him call me Doctor Jones. Or race down the halls yelling "Indeeee!" Swwwweeet.

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CaitRenee said...

Pay check = Sweet Financial relief.