Friday, February 20, 2009

Sping in the snow

Right now, I'm enjoying my time off. I miss my students and even more than that, I miss my family. Seeing them this past week was LOVELY! Maddie is so big and so smart. The best thing about this week is the knowledge that this whole Steph/Rich thing will be over soon. I can't explain what a difference it makes to my daily life. I'm super happy and my problems seem so much less frustrating now. I feel so much better. Maybe it's the optimism of spring. I'm clinging to that one day last week that was in the 50s. I don't care about the snow; I can ignore that. I'm just so focused on the time the snow will melt and Matt and I will visit Maine again. When we can finally use that picnic thing Matt's mom got us and go back to Swanzey. Mom will visit in the spring and we can go down to Gettysburg and see all the beautiful wildflowers start to pop up on the battlefield. I know I have to wait patiently, and I'm ok with that. But I feel so springy right now. It's very nice.


Kirsten said...

OK, spill. When are those 2 leaving the condo??? And as for wanting spring . . . I hear ya sister!! ALso, I WANT MY HOUSE BACK!!!

Megymelly said...

The whole Steph/Rich thing is over soon?
You're getting more springy up in the MA than I am in NJ, no fair.
Yes, Maddie is big and smart. She's also solidly obsessed with MarioKart.
How you doin'?