Thursday, February 12, 2009

Two Steps forward, One Step Back

I've been thinking/blogging about this whole assertion issue a lot lately. I came home today and felt great. I had an easy day at work, was validated by my supervisor again for a job well done during Monday's tantrum marathon (hours of being screamed at by the same kid and I didn't ask for a break, I stick to it and by gum I did an awesome job), and I had Subway for lunch. On top of that (Nerd Alert) I made plans to get together with some gals from work- my first outing with friends I didn't make through Matt. I've really out of my shell at work. I was so pleased with myself. Then my roommates girlfriend came home and did what she does so well- ignore the heck out of me when I say hello to her face. I told myself the next time this happened, I would see it as an opportunity to have a little girl talk with her and discuss how this behavior (and her too frequent visits) sends unfriendly messages. The moment came, the moment went. And I sat on the couch next to Matt and felt even worse than I'm used to when I was treated like a complete door mat. Pre-New Englander assertive awakening. I sat and said nasty, sarcastic things under my breath so I didn't say them out loud and cause a scene. Now I've retreated into the only place besides the bathroom that she hasn't infested, the bedroom. I feel like a wimp. I can't wait to go out for drinks. THIS MUST END!

Still, I have a lot to look forward to this weekend and nothing diminishes how well I've been doing at work and how loved I've felt at home.

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